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About BBL

welcome to BBL

We guarantee the highest quality workmanship in the construction industry, established with over 28 years of experience.

environmentally friendly

Bansil Building (London) Ltd focus on building with eco-friendly materials wherever possible.


We are efficient in sourcing local and renewable materials for our construction projects.

Solar Panels

Many of our building projects now include solar panels for domestic hot water heating.


Utilising small wind turbines to supply electricity helping to reduce dependency on other sources of energy.


Water conservation is always on our mind looking at simple collection and recycling of rainwater as standard.


Low energy lightbulbs, which can last up to 100 times longer than regular bulbs are our preferred light supply.


Bansal Building (London) Ltd have been established since January 1990 and have been competing for prestigious projects for with the larger well established companies including Skanska, Rail Link Engineering (Channel Tunnel), Durkan Pudelek, Kier Wallis, Hanson, Walter Lilly and many more.

In addition to being in a Trading Alliance Partnership with Skanska. Our excellent safety record and procedures are backed up by being a member of Building Confidence (Achilies), [Certificates attached}, We also are proud of our working relationship with Lloyds Law for all our Safety and Employment Law protection of our Company and Employees.

Bansal Building (London) Ltd is proud to have achieved a near perfect safety record with just 1 reportable accident in the last 4 years.


We are proud to commit funds to charities such as Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital each year, along with a scheme named ‘Street Vibe’ through the Metropolitan Police which is aimed at providing support to children within the community for everyday well being including advise on adolescence, bullying and alcohol/drug related matters.